Azerbaijan Institute of Theology meets with Bilasuvar applicants

16 June, 2021

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held an online meeting with applicants in Bilasuvar.

The event was organized virtually using Zoom and was attended by Bilasuvar region school principals, applicants of the current year, and their parents.

Alisafa Gambarov, Deputy Head of the Bilasuvar District Education Department, opened the ceremony and spoke about the significance of the event. He emphasized that the meeting arranged by the district Education Department as part of the "Let's Get to Know Our Universities" project will assist applicants in selecting a university speciality.

Then Mirniyaz Mursalov, AIT Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations, delivered a speech. He informed applicants about the conditions established at the Institute to help them acquire a better education. He stated that numerous measures are implemented at the Institute to help students grow as knowing, educated, intellectual, and professional individuals, as well as to study the essence and foundations of religion, as well as our national and spiritual values.

Mirniyaz Mursalov also stated that the Institute has done and will take all necessary steps to ensure transparent teacher-student relationships based on mutual trust. He noted that the institution strives to enhance educational quality, innovative approaches to teachers' daily activities, increasing students' enthusiasm in teaching, and the development of knowledge and abilities in disciplines. He further stated that students will receive free clothing and food in addition to their classes, will participate in separate foreign language courses, and will receive additional privileges.

Fidan Yusifova, Head of the AIT Graduate Studies Department, delivered a presentation and extensive information about the organization of the admission process to the Institute, as well as the existing specialties. She stated that each admitted student will fully benefit from the necessary conditions provided by the state's care and attention, free education, and other advantages.

At the end of the meeting, the questions of the applicants were answered.

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