Department of Media

Functions of the department

  • promoting the Institute activities through the media and social networks
  • preparing press releases on the Institute’s activities
  • conducting press conferences and other events regularly
  • providing regular information to the public about the implementation of the tasks set before the Institute
  • reporting public information in certain time frames defined by the Law on Access to Information of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • investigating publications and news about the Institute’s activity and taking actions if necessary
  • implementing necessary measures for the publications of Institute leadership and academic staff in mass media
  • ensuring access to the Institute's information inquiries as soon as possible and the most appropriate way for the respondent
  • preparing press releases about the participation in meetings, events, trainings organized by the Institute and placing them on the website of the Institute as well as on other social networks
  • performing other tasks given by the Institute leadership

Ayshan Aslanova

Senior specialist

Elnara Agaoglu

Leading specialist

Ayaz Mikayil-zadeh

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