Educational Methodological Council

Educational Methodological Council of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology is a leading advisory body that promotes the quality of education, its academic and methodological support. It operates in accordance with the rector’s decisions and orders, as well as the Statute.
The priorities of Educational Methodological Council's activity are:

  • Coordination of the structural divisions of the Institute participating in the educational process
  • Examination of multi-level system of specialist training, teaching standards and curriculum
  • Approval of relevant subject programs of the Institute
  • Selection of majors in the Institute, scientific substantiation of preparation for major studies
  • Collection and analysis of the materials about the quality and progress of the teaching process; preparation and application of the recommendations for their improvement
  • Definition of the forms and methods of examination of students’ knowledge on all subjects
  • Academic and methodological support of students’ independent works (under teachers’ guidance)

Educational Methodological Council members:
Mubariz Mahammadali Jamalov - chairman
Agil Mukhtar Shirinov - member
Zarifa Aligaib Aliyeva - member
Kovsar Yusif Tagiyev - member
Elnura Akif Azizova - secretary
Ahmed Seyful Niyazov - member
Ilkin Anvar Alimuradov - member
Namig Gulbala Abuzarov - member

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