ATT holds a seminar in honor of Ramadan

06 April, 2024

The Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held a seminar in honor of the holy month of Ramadan. Attendees included AIT administration, teachers, employees, and students.

Associate Professor Agil Shirinov, Rector of AIT, welcomed the participants, congratulated the community on the sacred holiday, and emphasized Ramadan's significance as a season of spiritual growth and blessings. The institution leader emphasized the significance of embracing the characteristics of this month, describing Ramadan as a time of unity, companionship, brotherhood, love, kindness, and sustenance. He stated that these days serve as a call to unite people in the pursuit of lofty goals and good deeds.

Zaur Orujov, Teacher of Islamic Culture at AIT, Head of the "Islamic Art" association, delivered an engaging presentation on "Islam and Art".

Z.Orujov highlighted the presence of art in all major world religions and discussed the history of Islamic art, its evolutionary stages and its impact on various cultures. The speaker provided a comprehensive overview of the origins, historical progression, and diverse forms of Islamic art, including tazhib, hüsn-i hat, miniature painting, and marbling.

Z. Orujov emphasized that traces of Islamic art are reflected in the religious monuments existing in a number of countries, and these examples cause interest.

AIT rector made a closing speech and thanked the participants of the event and Zaur Orujov for his interesting report. Rector A. Shirinov highly appreciated the educational events of the Institute, the activity of teachers and employees in social networks, including mass media. The rector awarded several teachers and students of AIT with Letters of Appreciation for their active participation in mass media during the holy month.

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