Trade Union Committee

Trade Union Committee of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology was established by the meeting of the academic staff of the Institute on October 1, 2018. The meeting participants elected the chairperson and the members of the Trade Union Committee and made a decision to act under the Trade Union Comittee of Public Service Workers together with local governmental organizations and Student Trade Union Organization of AIT. The names of the chairperson, deputy chairpersons and members of the Committee are as follows:
Anvar Ramazan Mustafayev– Chairperson of AIT Trade Union Comittee;
Nicat Ehtibar oglu – Deputy Chairperson of AIT Trade Union Comittee;
Majid Yahya Musayev – Accountant of AIT Trade Union Comittee;
Ahmad Seyful Niyazov – member;
Aygun Eldar Shavatova – member;
Samira Ali Agayeva – member;
Farid Ali Gasimov – Deputy Chairperson of AIT Trade Union Comittee (Chairperson of Student Trade Union Organization).

General Provisions
1.1. The Trade Unions Committee of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology is a non-political public union, established under the subordination of the State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, protecting the labor, socio-economic rights and interests of employees.
1.2. The Committee carries out its activity on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Trade Unions”, the Labor Code, the Charter of the SOPSW Trade Union and other relevant documents.
1.3. The Committee’s work is based on principles of freedom, equality, self-governance and the rule of law.
The Committee is independent to define its structure, objectives, form of action and methods.
The Committee is not dependent on employer, its subsidiaries and other public associations and is not controlled by them.
The Committee interacts with the legislature, executive authorities, employers associations, other public associations, legal entities and citizens based on the interests of its members.
The Committee cooperates with trade unions of the republic and foreign countries, their associations, participates in creation of national and international trade unions associations and has right to membership.
1.4. The Committee has the status of a legal entity: it performs its functions through laws and legal acts.

Main objectives, tasks and activities of the Comittee
2.1. 2.1. The primary goal of the Committee is to protect the rights and interests of its members in employment, salary, health, safety and social security issues;
to represent the legitimate rights and interests of its members in the Institute;
to negotiate with employer, sign collective agreements and monitor their implementation;
to promote the social protection of dismissed committee members and oversee its compliance with employment laws;
to carry out oversight of employers and officials on compliance with labor and labor laws;
to care for the health of employees and their family members, promotes the organization of their sanatorium resort therapy and rest;
to utilize all kinds of mass events that are reflected in the legislation to protect the rights and interests of comittee members;
to improve students’ educational conditions, provide financial support for difficult living situations and provide employment;
to organize events and conferences for the improvement of students’ interest in science and education.

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