Department of Human Resources

Activity of Human Resources Specialist includes:

  • Improving Human Resources management process
  • Keeping records of employees
  • Preparing documents on employees’ recruitment and dismissal in accordance with rector’s orders
  • Preparing documents related to employees’ military service and mobilization
  • Treating employees eqully and without discrimination

Job functions of Human Resources specialist include:

  • Determining Human Resources policy
  • Contacting and appealing the Employment Center
  • Preparing documents on employment, recruitment, dismissal, resignation, vacations and other issues in accordance with the labor legislation
  • Keeping records of employees
  • Keeping and returning employment record books to the employees in termination of labor relations
  • Preparing vacation schedule
  • Preparing references and submission of them to the employee
  • Carrying out work with documents related to the loss of work capacity
  • Examining labor discipline
  • Taking measures to deal with complaints of employee related issues, identifying and eliminating their causes
  • Preparing documents for employee remuneration, material and (or) disciplinary liability, together with structural divisions of the Institute
  • Keeping records of issues related to military service, mobilization and conscription and establishing contacts with appropriate organizations
  • Sending a list of retired employees to the appropriate institutions

Shahla Aliyeva

HR Specialist
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