Doctoral degree

The Institute places an announcement in the media about the admission rules, admission plan and the exam dates.
Applicants should take exam from the following subjects:

  • Major
  • Foreign language (except for Russian, choice is free)
  • Philosophy (in the frame of master’s degree program)

Applicants should submit the following documents for admission:

  • Application (addressing to rector)
  • Employment registration form
  • Autobiography
  • 2 photos (3x4 cm)
  • Reference from workplace
  • Extract from employment record book
  • List of publications or abstracts for selected major
  • Notarized copy of diploma on completion of higher education institution (Certificate of recognition of diplomas for citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who studied abroad)
  • Copy of identity card

Admission Commission is established by the Rector of the Institute. The admission commission members should include heads of departments, leading employees and, as a rule, supervisors to be.
The commission carries out major admission exams. The Commission should include at least two doctors or professors in the relevant specialty; supervisors to be can also be members of the commission. If candidates have equal scores, the applicants with higher scores in major exam and academic publications will be preferred. The compliance of applicants’ background education is determined by the Admissions Committee.

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