AIT holds event dedicated to Science Day

02 April, 2021

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held an online event dedicated to Science Day, organized by the Student Scientific Society.

Opening the meeting, Mammadali Babashli, Chairman of the AIT Student Scientific Society, Associate Professor of the Department of Languages and Social Sciences, said that the webinar was dedicated to the charitable and educational activities of Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev.

Focusing on the existing social and economic life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, M. Babashli discussed the joint activities of religious figures such as HZ Tagiyev with intellectuals. He emphasized that this period is remembered as a bright page in the history of Azerbaijan in terms of self-awareness and national awakening.

Farhad jabbarov, Scientific secretary of the National History Museum of Azerbaijan, gave detailed information about the life and activity of Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev. He noted that although 100 years have passed since his death, H.Z.Tagiyev is always remembered by people, and his life and activities are regularly investigated by researchers.

F.Jabbarov stressed that although H.Z.Tagiyev had no education, he attached more importance to science and education.

Listing the reasons that stimulated his philanthropic activity, the speaker said that the main reason was H.Z.Tagiyev's extreme faith and understanding of social responsibility. He also mentioned the opening of the first secular girls' school in the East and the publication of the Hayat newspaper.

F.Jabbarov stressed that the charitable traditions are extended today. He said that the evident example of this is that everyone, regardless of their social status, supported and assisted the front during the 44-day Patriotic War.

The webinar continued with discussions on the topic.

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