Your Guest is Your Teacher project continues

22 May, 2024

As part of the "Your guest is your teacher" project, the teachers of the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) continue to visit students' families.

Under this initiative, Assoc. Elnura Azizova, Dean of AIT faculty of Theology, along with Ph.D. Faig Ahmadzadeh, Instructor of the Department of Islamic Studies and Emin Orujov, Assistant to the Rector of the Institute, visited the families of first-year students residing in Khirdalan city, Binagadi and Sabail districts of Baku.

The staff of the Institute provided detailed information to parents about the student-centered educational environment established at the institution. They discussed the various courses and programs designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of young students as well as the implemented development projects. Additionally, the teachers engaged with parents in a dialogue about the students’ accomplishments during their first academic year and explored the future prospects of the students in relation to their academic and creative potential.

The parents expressed their deep appreciation for the care and attention provided by the management team and teaching staff of the Institute. They emphasized their willingness to cooperate in the students' education, with the goal of raising professionals who can serve society effectively in the field of theology.

It is worth noting that the "Your guest is your teacher" project aims to enhance academic performance, foster closer relationships between families and the educational institution and evaluate the potential for training religious and Islamic scholars who meet the demands of the modern era.

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