AIT students’ Iznik tour in Turkey

02 August, 2019

The summer school organized in Bursa city of Turkey for students of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) continues.

On Saturday, a visit to Iznik province in Bursa was organized for the effective organization of the summer school. During the tour, students visited the Green Mosque, Ashrafzade and Hagia Sophia mosques, the Abdul Wahab Hill, and the Lefke Gate.

During the visit to the Green Mosque, students were informed that the mosque was constructed by order of the Grand Vizier Chandarli Halil Hayreddin Pasha between 1378 and 1391. After the death of Chandarli Halil Hayreddin Pasha, his son Ali Pasha completed the construction in 1391-1392. Being one of the most important monuments of the Ottoman architecture, the Green Mosque is a house of worship with a single dome.

Students further visited the Ashrafzade Mosque built in Iznik by Abdullah Ashrafzade, the son of the famous Turkish Sufi Ashraf Rumi. The temple was built in 1469. It was rebuilt in 1950 after the Greeks attacked the mosque.

During the visit to the Hagia Sophia Mosque, students were provided with detailed information about the religious place. It was noted that the temple was formerly a church. During the Ottoman period, it was given to the use of Muslims as a mosque.

The Abdul Wahab Hill and Lefke Gate aroused interest in students. It has been noted that Bursa is one of the most important cities in the history of the Ottoman Empire which was the capital city in the early periods of the Empire.

It should be noted that students of theological faculties from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan participate in the summer school together with the students of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology. The summer school is of great importance from the aspect of increasing students’ knowledge and skills, sharing experiences and expanding friendly relations. At the same time, it is of particular importance from the aspect of promoting tolerant and multicultural environment in the country.

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