AIT begins to hold educational and promotional events

04 April, 2023

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) began to hold educational and promotional events for high school students in various regions of the republic to inform the public about the institute activities and educational opportunities as well as to attract highly intelligent students for the 2023-2024 academic year. The first visit was to the Garadagh region.

The event was attended by applicants, secondary school teachers, representatives of relevant state institutions, and religious figures.

Tarana Ismayilova, Deputy Head of the Executive Power of Garadagh District, gave an introductory speech, stating that the reforms carried out under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, related to the development of our education system as well as the measures implemented for the development of our young people as highly intelligent and educated specialists, are among the main directions of state policy.
T. Ismayilova then informed the event participants about AIT and stated that the development of state-religion relations on solid foundations as well as the activity of the higher education institution in the direction of protecting our national and moral values, are both commendable.

Mirniyaz Mursalov, AIT Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations, provided extensive information about the establishment, activities and future goals of the higher educational institution.

According to M.Murselov, the primary goal of the institute is to ensure the integration of religious figures and theological specialists into society who are sound-minded, love their country, have a national ideology, and defend our moral values. M. Mursalov emphasized the importance of protecting our country's healthy religious environment, saying that we should not allow foreign forces to harm this tradition of coexistence and our tolerant environment.
M.Murselov went on to say that every applicant who is admitted to the Institute will fully benefit from the necessary conditions created with the state's care and attention, such as tuition free education and other benefits. He also mentioned that they will be given food money, will participate in free foreign language courses, and will receive other benefits.

Anar Gafarov, Head of the Department of Religious Studies at AIT, spoke about the conditions created in the higher educational institution for students to get a better education as well as information about the teaching process and subjects. He stated that the Institute staff is working hard to develop young people into skilled personnel with a broad worldview and deep religious and secular knowledge.

Emin Orujov, assistant to the rector, informed the applicants about the conditions of admission to the Institute, stating that admissions are also available for the Master's and Doctorate levels at AIT. E. Orucov also discussed the opportunities to learn foreign languages, various scholarship programs, studying abroad, student social life, summer and winter schools in detail.

Elshan Guliyev, Staff member of the The State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, spoke about the importance of young people growing up in a way that is connected to national and moral values.E. Guliyev discussed the benefits and future prospects of studying at the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, the only higher religious educational institution in the country that offers tuition free education.

A video reflecting the social activities of the AIT was demonstrated at the event.

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