AIT celebrates the launch of Konul Bunyadzade’s new book

08 October, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) celebrated the launch of Dr. Konul Bunyadzade’s new book Secrets of Pure Youth.

Agil Shirinov, AIT Vice Rector on Science and Innovations, greeted the event attendees and said that various seminars, roundtables, conferences and meetings are regularly organized for educational purposes. Agil Shirinov noted that AIT previously hosted an event on the release of Dr. Konul Bunyadzade’s book Wisdom of Love and her seminar on Philosophy of Youth. He also noted that students’ participation in such events play a significant role in the development of their knowledge level, speech skills and formation of public thinking.

Then Dr. Konul Bunyadzade, Associate member of ANAS, informed participants about her book Secrets of Pure Youth. The book gives philosophical interpretation of the distinction of youth based on the lives and activities of the prophets, commanders, historical personalities, poets, and mythical heroes who left a trace in history at a young age. The study was conducted in three main directions such as time, religion and reality in order to observe certain patterns. Thus, it includes the stories from the lives of real personalities and mythical heroes to reflect and analyze the unchanging principles of youth. Along with the religious and historical personalities that were researched in Azerbaijan, the book also examines the lives of prophet Jeremiah, Fateh Sultan Mohammed, Uighur poet Lutfullah Mutallib and others.

K.Bunyadzade said that viewing the world in any part of history, it is always possible to see youth in the center stage. It was youth who presented new ideas, took bold steps and sacrificed their lives in the battles.

The event continued with discussions around substance and eternity, the choice between sword and pen, youth and society, the conquering spirit of youth, their fears, love, search for creativity and other issues.

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