AIT holds events for the effective organization of students’ leisure time activities

07 October, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) attaches considerable importance to the formation of students’ self-expression, polemic and critical thinking skills. Various activities are regularly organized in this direction.

Furthermore, AIT carries out a variety of activities to organize students' leisure time effectively. Along with social and educational programs, entertaining activities are also organized at the Institute. For this purpose, the Institute organized film screening of Niyyat (Intention) produced by Azerbaijanfilm for students at the discretion of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic. The film is relevant for the modern world with its peculiar plot line and theme. The events center around two young people with different lifestyles. Their roads cross and they have to follow the same path.

It should be noted that the events aim to improve students’ world outlook, increase their intellectual level, enrich their spiritual world, strengthen patriotic feelings and develop their personal as well as social responsibility habits.

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