AIT has held a seminar on the Essence of Karbala Events

10 September, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology has held a seminar on the Essence of Karbala Events.

Noting that the Institute organizes regular educational seminars, discussions and meetings, Ahmed Niyazov, Head of the Department of Islamic Stuides, stressed that the seminar is dedicated to Karbala events and shared his thoughts on the essence of the tragedy. He noted that the tragic martyrdom of the Prophet’s favorite grandson Imam Huseyn and his close people is a heartbreaking event that Muslims will never forget.

PhD Vugar Samadov delivered a speech on the Essence of Karbala events. He gave detailed information on the history of the event. He also noted that all Muslims commemorated the events with deep sorrow throughout the history. V. Samadov noted that Karbala events instil struggle against enemy and love for the country. We must be organized for freeing our country from enemy and contribute to the policy of the government.

The seminar continued with interesting discussions.

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