History of Islam has been published

08 July, 2021

The book History of Islam by Associate Professor Elnura Azizova, Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT), has been published.

The history of Islam is the evolution of Muslim states on three continents over fourteen centuries, and, in a broader sense, the path taken by the nearly 2 billion Muslim nations that today account for a quarter of the world's population. The work is devoted to the political history of the Prophet Muhammad's time, which is a vitally important element in Islamic history.

The book is a source for early Islamic history, political and economic situation of pre-Islamic Arabs,the social and religious situation of pre-Islamic Arabs, Hijaz region and Mecca, pre-Islamic life of the Prophet Muhammad, activities of the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca, political, economic and social consequences of migration. It is divided into chapters on non-Muslim relations and the expansion of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology is working on several book and textbook publishing projects. The initiative, known as Theological Publications, comprises the production of publications written by the Institute teachers and specialists in this subject as well as works translated from various languages. One of the primary goals of the Institute is to explore theological problems, undertake research that meets international standards and publish the results.

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