AIT instructor’s article on Khojaly genocide was published in Kuwait’s Al-Mujtama journal

01 March, 2019

An article dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the Khojali Genocide by Elvusal Mammadov, the leading researcher of the Institute of Oriental Studies of ANAS named after Z. Bunyadov, instructor of the Languages and Social Sciences department at AIT, was published in Kuwait’s Al-Mujtama journal.

The article entitled “The Khojaly massacre of Azerbaijani people: the tragedy that took place in the night”, deals with the facts reflecting Armenian atrocities in Khojaly from February 25 to 26, 1992.

Buildings were destroyed and about 2500 Khojaly residents left the city. The helpless people confronted armed Armenian agressors who were bloodthirsty for civilians. As a result, 613 people, including 63 children, 106 women and 70 old men, were killed with atrocity. 8 families were killed in one night, 25 children lost both parents and 130 lost one of them. Out of the 487 injured, 76 were children. 1275 civilians were captured and 150 were missing. The author recommends not to forget the Khojaly tragedy and the genocide.

The article sheds light on the facts that reflect ethnic cleansing and genocide by Armenians towards Azerbaijanis from time to time. The Armenian atrocities that lasted for more than two hundred years resulted in the last ethnic cleansing policy against Azerbaijanis in 1988.These atrocities were carried out with unprecedented cruelty and 250.000 civilians were expelled from their homelands and became refugees.

The article highlights the quote from national leader Heydar Aliyev about the Khojali Genocide: “The Khojaly genocide with its inconceivable cruelty and inhuman punitive methods, was completely targeted against the people of Azerbaijan and represents a barbarian act in the history of humankind. At the same time this genocide was a historical crime against humanity.”

The author notes that the Khojaly Genocide contravened international human rights and it should be assessed politically and legally and those who committed this bloody act must be condemned by international law.

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