01 July, 2022

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) and the Idrak Public Union will co-host an international forum on “Islamic Studies in the CIS countries in the Context of Modern Challenges” in Baku on December 19-22, 2022. The goal of the forum is to discuss the current state of Islamic studies in the CIS countries, to increase interest in the study of current issues in this field and to promote mutual academic cooperation among researchers.

The main topic and directions of the forum:
– Islamic education in the CIS countries: the current situation and future prospects;
– Islamic studies in the CIS countries – prospects for the development of bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs of higher education;
– Models of Islamic teaching in undergraduate education (colleges, madrassas, vocational schools, etc.);
– Program development of Islamic studies in the context of higher education and labor market relations;
– The preservation of Islamic cultural heritage in CIS countries;
– Development of the Muslim intellectual tradition in the region;
– Historical perspectives and new approaches in the teaching of Islamic theology and Islamic studies;
– The challenges and problems of modern development of Muslim communities in the post-Soviet area;
– History of the development of Azerbaijani Islamic studies in the post-Soviet area;
– Azerbaijani theology in the Soviet era;
– Historical manifestations of Islamic universal values in the CIS countries;
– The role of Islamic studies in the formation of historical resources of tolerant and multicultural values in the CIS;
– Other topics related to modern Islamic studies.

Requirements for articles:
1. Articles submitted for publication should be a new research that are previously unpublished.
2. Articles should be 6-15 pages long, with abstracts of 200-250 words.
3. The text of the article should be in A4 paper size, Times New Roman, 12 pt font size, with single space. The left margin should be 3 cm and right margin 1 cm. Top and bottom margins should be 2 cm. The articles can be submitted in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian or English and should be sent to e-mail: [email protected]
4. At the beginning of the submitted article, after the title, the author's name, surname, company, position, academic degree (if any) and the author's e-mail address should be indicated.
5. At the beginning of the article, after the information about the author, a summary and keywords should be written in the language of the article.
6. Articles that meet international standards must have an introduction with at least two subheadings and a conclusion, according to scientific research writing methods.
7. It is critical to include references to scientific sources on the subject. Citations should be given in brackets indicating author’s surname, publication date and pages, eg: (Mammadov 2007, 17-21).
If an author has two or more works published in the same year, the citations will be given as follows: (Mammadov 2007 (1), 31-36) or (Mammadov 2007 (2), 42-55). Authors should note 1/2 in brackets after the surname, name and year of publication in reference list, e.g. (Mammadov Emil (2007/1), 31-36) or Mammadov Emil (2007/2) 42-55).
8. The following information should be included in the bibliography for each reference: surname and name of the author; year of publication (year); book; article; full name of the conference and others (if any, name and surname of the translator); place of publication; name of the publishing house. Pages are displayed at the end of articles. References should be provided at the end of the article.
9. The abstract and keywords should be written beneath the author’s name in two languages, other than the language in which the article is written, after the bibliography. Each abstract should include the full title of the article, the author's name, surname and academic degree (if any). Abstracts written in different languages should be the same as the original and should coincide with the content of the article.
10. Authors are responsible for the quality, authenticity and other issues concerning articles.

Deadline for submission of articles: 31.10.2022
Date of announcement of accepted articles: 07.11.2022

Contact persons:

Elnara Aghaoghlu (+99412) 436 77 66 (402)
(+99470) 250 05 27
Shahin Alasgarov (+99412) 436 77 66 (406)
(+99455) 529 93 80

Shams Baghirova (+99412) 436 77 66 (405)

(+99451) 969 88 00

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