Religious Studies

Religious Studies department was formed according to the article 5.11.6 of the Institute Charter, confirmed by the decision of the Academic Council dated September 13, 2018 on the basis of the appeal to the rector in comformity with the Article 15 of the Charter about the departments of Higher Education Institutions approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 11.10.1994.

Religious Studies is one of the leading departments offering bachelor’s degree in higher education.

It also offers MA in History of Religions, Psychology of Religion, Sociology of Religions and Islamic Studies.

The primary goal of the department is to prepare religious researchers who will preserve and develop religious and spiritual environment based on the historical traditions of the Azerbaijani people and the logical consequence of the state policy; master highly religious knowledge; actively participate in the religious and spiritual enlightenment of society; serve individuals for the recognition and protection of their national and moral values;instil into society the feelings of mutual respect and tolerance for other religions and cultures; strive to live within the principles of peace and equality in the society with different beliefs, religions and ideas; prevent the emergence and spread of religious radicalism in society; actively participate in the enlightening research activities.

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