AIT holds a meeting with religious figures in Khachmaz

03 May, 2024

A meeting with religious figures was held within the framework of educational measures for the applicants under the joint organization of the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (ATI) and the Khachmaz District Executive Power.

Jeyhun Musayev, Deputy Head of the Department of Socio-Political and Humanitarian Affairs at Khachmaz District Executive Power, discussed state-religion relations in our country, emphasizing the leadership's specific focus on religious figures.

Ramin Khudayev, Head of the Guba regional branch of The State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, talked about the fundamental change in state-religion relations and the care for religious places of worship after Azerbaijan gained independence.

Associate Professor Mirniyaz Mursalov, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations at AIT, emphasized that a high-level higher religious educational institution like the Institute of Theology is operating in our country. The vice-rector said that our young people have already mastered deep religious and secular knowledge in their country and can become clergymen. There is no need to study abroad for religious knowledge. The vice-rector drew attention to the fact that all textbooks are distributed free of charge to students in the higher educational institution, which accepts students in the fields of Religious Studies and Islamic Studies, and students are given food allowances and scholarships.

The meeting continued with discussions.

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