International forum on Islamic studies in CIS countries in the context of modern challenges

20 December, 2022

The international forum on "Islamic studies in CIS countries in the context of modern challenges," co-organized by Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) and the "Idrak" Public Union, has begun.

A minute of silence was observed at the event to remember those who died in defense of our territorial integrity. The National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was played.

AIT student Amrah Eminov recited the Koran as a sign of respect for the souls of those who died for the protection of our lands.

Associate professor Agil Shirinov, Rector of AIT emphasized in his opening speech that the Forum is supported by well-known researchers in the field of Islamic studies from the CIS countries and many other countries around the world.

The rector emphasized that the forum was not held by chance, noting that Azerbaijan was the first country in the CIS to accept Islam. He also mentioned that Islamic studies are valued at the state level in independent Azerbaijan. As an example, A. Shirinov cited the establishment of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology and the teaching of this field as a separate specialty.

The AIT rector emphasized that one of the primary goals of the forum is to introduce participants to the work of scholars worldwide in the field of Islamic studies. Furthermore, he emphasized how the event would promote the formation of new acadmic collaborations and the exchange of ideas among researchers.

Rufat Guliyev, Chairman of the Idrak Public Union, wished the international forum on "Islamic studies in the CIS countries in the context of modern challenges" success. He expressed great confidence that the jointly organized forum will achieve the stated objectives.

Sayavush Heydarov, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Associations, stated that in the modern era, when religious discrimination is raised on a global scale, religion is politicized or turned into a tool for the realization of political interests, and conflicts on religious grounds are intentionally encouraged, harmony and dialogue between religions are required for global peace and security. Tolerance has become a priority issue in achieving cooperation, including religious tolerance.

The Deputy Chairman stated in his speech that the Azerbaijan state, which has made multicultural and tolerant values an integral part of its policy, has created the necessary conditions for all of its citizens to live their faith, and this is felt in every field: "Under the leadership of the head of state, Mr. Azerbaijan is now known all over the world not only for its socio-economic indicators, but also as one of the centers of inter-religious and inter-civilizational dialogue."

Jeyhun Mammadov, Member of Parliament, spoke about the existing state-religion relations in Azerbaijan. He stated that our country is undergoing deep, rational, and pragmatic reforms in all aspects of life. The MP emphasized that Islamic religion plays a significant role in the formation of Azerbaijani national and moral values. J. Mammadov wished the forum success and stated that the event is rich in terms of topics and directions and will contribute to the study of Islamic studies.

Professor Damir Mukhetdinov, Rector of the Moscow Islamic Institute and First Deputy Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of the Russian Federation, spoke about the history of the spread of Islam, its current situation, and his thoughts on the number of Muslims currently living in Russia and the area where they live. He stated that Islam has become an important part of Russian culture and that the Muslim community is a significant part of the country's multi-ethnic population. He also addressed the issues of Islamic science research and education in the CIS countries.

Tariel Nakaidze, Member of Georgian parliament, stated that Muslims should be recognized as highly educated, tolerant, and cultured people who demonstrate the true nature of Islam through their lives and activities. He observed that the peaceful and tolerant nature of Islam is still promoted in Georgian society. Every effort is being made to promote inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony and peace.

Seymur Nasirov, Counselor of the General Secretariat of the World Fatwa Houses and Boards, shared his thoughts on the work done in the direction of promoting our country in Egypt, including research on Azerbaijani scientists in Arabic-language sources. The speaker, who emphasized the richness of the forum topics, wished the event success in its work.

Ravan Hasanov, Executive director of the Baku International Center for Multiculturalism and Mehman Ismayilov, Executive director of the Foundation for the Promotion of Moral Value, stressed the importance of accurately communicating the essence of Islam to a society that rejects terrorism and any form of hatred against people in the modern world.

The forum aims to discuss the current situation in the field of Islamic studies in CIS countries, to increase interest in studying current problems in this field, and to promote mutual scientific cooperation among researchers.

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