AIT rector meets with students at University of Geneva

21 October, 2022

Agil Shirinov, rector of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT), delivered a lecture to graduate students at the Faculty of Theology of Geneva University in Swiss Confederation.

Agil Shirinov noted in his lecture that Azerbaijan is a tolerant country where mosques, churches, and synagogues have historically coexisted, and people of faith are free to worship. He emphasized that the state pays special attention to the cultural diversity of people of different nationalities and religions who live in our country as well as the tradition of coexistence. The Rector drew attention to President Ilham Aliyev’s implementation of a policy based on religious values respect and care in our country.

Noting that our occupied lands had been liberated by the 44-day Patriotic War, the AIT rector also addressed the aggression of Armenia. He mentioned that all mosques and cemeteries in these lands had been brutally destroyed. Despite this, he noted that the Armenian church is still active in Baku, and that thousands of books in the Armenian language are preserved here.

AIT Rector Agil Shirinov’s lecture was well received by the students.

A. Shirinov also attended the international conference on Building New Bridges Together: Spirituality and Values at the Foundation of Quality Education, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

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