Winter exam session at AIT is underway

06 January, 2023

The winter examination session of the fall semester at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology(AIT) is now underway.

Exams will be given in 50 subjects divided into 24 groups at the undergraduate level and 29 subjects divided into 6 groups at the master's level. The four-week session was split into two shifts in accordance with the approved exam schedule. The exams are expected to be administered visually, in writing, and, if necessary, orally.

The Headquarters and the Appeals Commission were established at the higher educational institution in order to organize the exam session in accordance with the existing rules and to fully ensure transparency and objectivity in the evaluation of students' knowledge.

The winter exam session for the 2022-2023 academic year will be held in both written and oral form, with a two-day interval between exams.

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