AIT holds webinar on History of the formation of Islamic culture in Azerbaijan

16 May, 2021

Azerbaijan İnstitute of Theology (AIT) held a webinar on "History of the formation of Islamic culture in Azerbaijan" for students of the Faculty of Theology within the Leadership Program.

The event was organized by Microsoft Teams and was attended by teachers and students of AIT.

Opening the event, Asaf Ganbarov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Theology, underlined the significance of the monthly webinars held under the Leadership Program. Emphasizing that historical science is reviving, Asaf Ganbarov drew attention to the relevance of the topic.

Rashad Mustafa, Teacher of the Department of Islamic Studies, spoke on "The history of the formation of Islamic culture in Azerbaijan." Noting that a new stage in the history of mankind has begun with Islam, Rashad Mustafa gave comprehensive information about the events that occured during the early caliphate and the consequences for our country after the spread of Islam in Azerbaijan.

The webinar continued with questions from students and teachers on the topic.

It should be noted that the Faculty of Theology organizes monthly webinars on various topics for AIT students within the Leadership Program.

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