AIT students attend webinar on The problem of suicide and ways to combat it

01 March, 2021

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held a webinar on "The problem of suicide and ways to combat it" within the Leadership Program.

Asaf Ganbarov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Theology, mentioned the aggressive situation in society, attitude to suicide caused by this aggression and reasons of suicide. He also discussed the issues such as “Can suicide be prevented?”, “Will suicide remain a topical issue at all times?” and “How religion approaches this issue?” and other problems.

A. Ganbarov mentioned the significance of religion in human life, the formation of worldview, as well as its effect during the difficulties, tragedies and other factors that occur in human life. He stressed the role of religion in compensating spiritual deprivation, protecting people against spiritual crises and depression.

He also mentioned anomie, one of the social causes of suicide. In other words, suicide is associated with the decline of the meaning of life and the system of values associated with the purpose: "In this regard, it should be noted that compensating and consoling functions of religion have special roles in overcoming moral crises that lead to suicide."

It should be noted that AIT holds monthly webinars for students on various topics within the Leadership Program.

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