AIT students are attending summer school in Bursa

23 July, 2019

Students of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) are attending the summer school in Bursa city of Turkey on an agreement signed between Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey and Turkey Diyanet Foundation.

On the first day of the summer school, the lecturers expressed their satisfaction with the visits of theological major students from Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan Institute of Theology), Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in their welcome speeches and wished them success. It was noted that students have been provided with the necessary conditions, lectures are taught by professional teachers and different events have been planned for the effective organization of students’ leisure time. Visits to the historical places in Bursa as well as to the Faculty of Theology at Bursa Uludag University are also on the agenda.

The summer school aims to increase students' professional and individual skills. Students will be taught Arabic, English, Siyar and Quranic classes.

The primary goal of the Institute is to ensure the needs of Azerbaijani people in the field of religious education based on international standards and educate religious figures who tolerate all confessions and doctrines with profound knowledge about Islam and other world religions. It should be noted that AIT establishes cooperation with various educational institutions around the world.

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