AIT holds various events for the effective organization of students’ leisure time

02 November, 2019

AIT continues to carry out a variety of activities to organize students’ leisure time effectively.

Along with social and educational activities, the Institute also organizes entertaining projects. For this purpose, the Institute organizes a Reading Day on Saturdays to improve students’ self-expression, polemic and critical thinking skills. The students discussed Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist in the frame of the Reading Day project organized by Student Scientific Organization. The book tells the story of a young man named Santiago who chooses his way and understands that following this path should be the lifelong goal of creation. The novel centers on the matters that nothing happens accidentally, and that every event, word, success and failure is a symbol. If people realize these signs and follow their path, the idea that the universe will help them achieve their purpose coincides with the idea in Islamic philosophy “whatever happens to a human being is to his benefit”.

Students participated actively in the discussion and shared their impressions.

It should be noted that the events aim to improve students’ world outlook, increase their intellectual level, enrich their spiritual world, strengthen patriotic feelings and develop their personal as well as social responsibility habits.

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