AIT has held a seminar on Sacrifice Ritual in Islam

09 August, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology has held a seminar on Sacrifice Ritual in Islam in the presentation of PhD Ahmed Niyazov.

Welcoming the event participants, PhD Ilkin Alimuradov, Head of the Department of Languages and Social Sciences, emphasized that educational seminars have become a tradition in the Institute. Ilkin Alimuradov noted that the current seminar is dedicated to the celebration of Eid festival.

Delivering a speech about Sacrifice Ritual in Islam, Ahmed Niyazov gave detailed information about the holiday. A.Niyazov mentioned the historical importance of Sacrifice in Islam and stressed that the ritual existed in all heavenly religions even before Islam.

Ahmed Niyazov then noted that Eid is celebrated in all Muslim countries as a special festival. According to the Law on the Holidays of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated October 27, 1992, Eid is celebrated at state level in Azerbaijan. The main purpose of the holiday is to inculcate humans with kindness, purity, belief in God and love. Sharing the meat of sacrificed animals with poor families, bringing them joy and evoking the feelings of solidarity, friendship, fraternity and purity constitute the essence of the holiday.

A.Niyazov stressed that Eid calls on Muslims to unite for the sake of benevolence and kindness. He evaluated Sacrifice ritual as an opportunity for the realization of social equality.

The seminar continued with interesting discussions and questions.

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