AIT has held an event on International Translation Day

27 September, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) has held an event dedicated to International Translation Day.

The event discussed the translation of religious literature into Azerbaijani, the current situation and prospects.

Speaking at the event, AIT rector J. Mammadov said that the state attaches great importance to the development of education and science in our country taking relevant steps for the professional development of young people to improve them as successful specialists. He noted that as the great bulk of religious literature and sources are in Arabic, Persian, English and other languages, it is important for the students of the Institute to master the foreign languages .

J.Mammadov stressed that AIT devotes special attention to the study of foreign languages and organizes free courses in this regard. He said that during the translation of religious literature into Azerbaijani, local conditions, state-religious relations, tolerant and multicultural environment should be considered.

Mahir Ganiyev, Deputy Head of the Department of Religious Expertise at the State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan delivered a speech on Religious Expertise: Law and Practice, and noted that the expertise in religious studies ensures public interest directly. Mentioning the examples from international law and practice, he emphasized that religious literature has been published and disseminated through appropriate process of attestation. M. Ganiyev further stated that there is no prohibition on the publication and distribution of the books throughout the country if they do not contradict the principles of humanism, reflect the ideas that will incite religious enmity, use expressions that have negative impact on the religious situation, tolerance and multicultural environment in the country.

Professor Nasrulla Mammadov, Doctor of Philological Sciences, delivered a speech on the Stylistic Features of Sacral Texts. He noted that certain principles must be distinguished while translating religious texts.

N. Mammadov stressed that sacral texts should not be translated through word-for-word translation, meaning should also be incorporated in the process. N. Mammadov also mentioned the specific points of translation. He emphasized that during translation conveying the essence is essential.

PhD Elvusal Mammadov spoke about the current situation of translation in Azerbaijan. Noting the importance of the development in this area, the speaker emphasized the necessity of using the experience of the world countries. He noted that the integration of cultures and the exchange of scientific knowledge is possible through translation.

In his speech on Hermeneutic and Pragmatic Problems of Religious and Philosophical Translations from the Aspect of Leipzig School of Translation, Associate Professor Aladdin Malikov said that review of the history of translation studies will prove its special role in the development of nations’ destiny, culture, science and education.

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