Conference attendees visit Institute of Theology

23 November, 2022

The Foundation for the Promotion of Moral Values (MDTF), which operates under the The State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SCRA), hosted a three-day seminar on Religious Harmony - National Unity at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT).

The rector of the Higher Education Institution, Agil Shirinov, welcomed the guests and provided detailed information about the educational process, goals, and tasks of the higher educational institution. He stated that students at the Institute are taught religious knowledge on an academic level. Religion is approached not only from a theological perspective, but also from a social, psychological, and philosophical perspective.

Speaking to visitors about the conditions created by the state for religious figures, the rector drew attention to the fact that numerous works are being done in the direction of preserving and developing our tolerance traditions, including the construction of new religious places of worship, major repairs and restoration of existing ones.

A.Shirinov also stressed the significance of preserving the interreligious multicultural environment and Muslim unity in our country, which have existed for centuries.
In the end, the visitors were shown around the administrative building of the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology.

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