Materials of second International Symposium on Islamic Civilization in the Caucasus have been published

11 January, 2022

The materials of the second International Symposium on Islamic Civilization in the Caucasus, which was organized by Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT), the Center for the Study of Islamic History, Art, and Culture (IRCICA), and the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Academician Ziya Bunyadov of ANAS, have been published in Baku.

The two-volume book includes materials of the second International Symposium on "Islamic Civilization in the Caucasus," which was held in Baku, and reports on the establishment and evolution of Islamic civilization. More than 100 speakers participated in 11 symposiums titled "The spread of Islam in the Caucasus", "The impact of Islamic culture on religious and socio-cultural life in the Caucasus", "Development of Islamic sciences in the Caucasus", "Islamic art, architecture and literature in the Caucasus", "Multiculturalism in the Caucasus", "The role of President Ilham Aliyev in strengthening tolerance and multicultural traditions in Azerbaijan", "The role of mosques, madrasas and khanagahs in religious education in the Caucasus", "Islamic policy of Tsarist Russia in the Caucasus", "The role of Caucasian scholars in the development of science and natural sciences" spoke at the panels.

The First International Symposium "Islamic Civilization in the Caucasus" held in Baku on December 9-11, 1998 with the direct initiative and participation of national leader Heydar Aliyev, who is well aware of the historical role and importance of Islam in the lives of the Caucasus peoples, held in June 11-12, 2019. The major goal of the symposium was to debate the significance of Azerbaijani culture, its location at the crossroads of cultures, and its key characteristics.

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