Vice-President of the Center on Governance, Faith and Values at Geneva University visits AIT

15 September, 2021

Ventzeslav Sabev, Vice President of the Center on Governance, Faith and Values at Geneva University visited Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT).
AIT rector Agil Shirinov welcomed the guest and expressed his pleasure to see him at the institute again.

A. Shirinov briefed the visitor about the activities, goals, and objectives of AIT. He noted that the education at the institute is tuition free, and the state provides students with all the necessities. He discussed the specialties, saying that, in addition to Islam, classes on Christianity and Judaism are also offered.

A.Shirinov stressed that AIT attaches great importance to the establishment of international relations, and that many countries are eager to collaborate with specialized educational and research organizations in this regard. He emphasized the significance of developing education in universities at the level of modern standards, as well as leveraging the experience of leading European universities.

The rector informed the guest about the tolerant and multicultural environment in the country. He noted that members of all religions coexist peacefully and work together in the country. Noting that the world is plagued by terrorism, radicalism, and extremism, the rector stated that our country is no exception. He stressed that as a result of the 44-day war, our lands were liberated from the enemy by our glorious Army where Armenians committed atrocities against our material and cultural heritage for decades.

Ventzeslav Sabev sincerely congratulated Agil Shirinov on his appointment as AIT Rector and the liberation of our lands from occupation. The vice-president also informed the participants about his project Culture of Peace. He spoke about the importance of the project. The guest also gave information about the city where he lives, the higher education institution where he operates and the center. He said that Geneva, which is committed to the tradition of neutrality and religious pluralism, has been an exemplary city for centuries as a supporter of peace. He noted that the university plays an important role as a focal point in the study of religions, politics, law, theology, linguistics, as well as business and finance, both nationally and regionally.

The meeting focused on the implementation of research projects based on mutually beneficial cooperation between the two higher education institutions, the implementation of joint projects, mutual transfer of academic information on teaching methods, experience and research, sharing knowledge on the organization of the educational process, conferences with the participation of scholars and experts. Mutual academic visits for staff and doctoral students, as well as student exchanges and other issues were also discussed.

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