AIT holds webinar on The role of holidays in strengthening public solidarity

19 March, 2021

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held a webinar on "The role of holidays in strengthening public solidarity."

The webinar was organized via the ZOOM platform and was attended by AIT administration, teachers and students.

AIT rector Agil Shirinov welcomed the webinar participants and congratulated them on Novruz holiday. The rector commemorated the martyrs of the 44-day war and wished them peace in the afterlife.

As Novruz holiday coincides with a pandemic period, the rector invited people to follow the rules of a special quarantine regime during the holiday. He also stressed that the holidays, especially Novruz, play a unifying role in society.

Aslan Habibov, Associate Professor of the Department of Islamic Studies, spoke about “The role of holidays in strengthening social solidarity” and gave detailed information about the ceremonies celebrated in various heavenly religions. He explained the functions of the holidays from the national and religious point of view emphasizing their significance and role in society.

A.Habibov also mentioned the functions of all holidays, based on unity and equality, which emphasize uniting, sharing, bringing solidarity, happiness and joy.
The webinar continued with interesting discussions.

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