Phenomenon of Nasimi in the System of Spiritual Values

19 April, 2019

On April 19, 2019, Azerbaijan Institute of Theology will hold a conference on the Phenomenon of Nasimi in the System of Spiritual Values.

Research directions of the conference:
1. Spirituality in the Creative Activity of Nasimi
2. Life and Philosophical Views of Nasimi
3. Successors and Predecessors of Imadaddin Nasimi
4. Motifs of Life, Love and Beauty in Nasimi poetry
5. Nasimi as the Representative of Philosophical Poetry in Azerbaijan
6. The Influence of Hurufism on Nasimi Poetry
7. Literary Devices in Nasimi Poetry
8. Quranic Verses and Synthesis of Sufi Traditions in Nasimi Poetry
9. Nasimi’s Views on Sufism
10.Theory of Tajalli in Nasimi’s Creative Activity
11.Symbolism in Nasimi Poetry

Admission is free

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