AIT instructor attended international conference

04 March, 2020

Associate Professor Anar Gafarov, Instructor at the Department of Religious Stuides at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT), Senior research fellow at ANAS Institute of Philosophy attended the international conference on the Study and Education of Islam in East-Central Europe: Historical Features and Modern Perspectives organized with the support of the Philosophy Institute of National University of Ostroh Academy and International Institute of Islamic Thought of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences in Kiev, Ukraine.

The conference was attended by the scholars and experts from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, Hungary and other countries. Anar Gafarov delivered a presentation on the Analysis on the Fundamental Values of Coexistence in Terms of Philosophy and Religion.

Anar Gafarov noted that the cultural diversity is necessary for the process of globalization and civilizations. He emphasized the process as a positive event in terms of the sharing local and global values and the development of relations between individuals from different cultures.

The speaker also noted that addressing cultural diversity in societies on the basis of social integrity can provoke several problems. He emphasized the necessity of political and social as well as practical actions for the protection of multicultural values and tolerant atmosphere. Mentioning the events concerning multiculturalism and coexistence, A. Gafarov stressed examples of adverse events in this direction in various countries.

Stressing that Azerbaijan is an exemplary country for multicultural and tolerant atmosphere, A.Gafarov spoke about the political and social actions implemented in the country to preserve this atmosphere. Along with the international events organized in the country in accordance with the orders signed by President Ilham Aliyev, he touched upon the activities of the State Committee on Religious Associations, Caucasian Muslims Office and Azerbaijan Institute of Theology.

Anar Gafarov further responded to the questions from participants about political and religious basis of coexistence tradition in Azerbaijan.

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