February issue of the newspaper Theologian

05 March, 2020

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) has published February 2020 issue of the newspaper Theologian.

The first page of the newspaper presents President Ilham Aliyev’s participation at the commemoration ceremony of the martyrs of the Khojaly genocide and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva’s congratulations of the Azerbaijani youth as well as the post about the Khojaly genocide on her official Instagram page and President’s order on Presidential awards for youth in 2020.

The February issue of the newspaper includes the articles such as “The first lessons at AIT are dedicated to the Khojaly genocide”, “Khojaly genocide commemorated”, “Event dedicated to the 28th anniversary of Khojaly genocide”, “Special Forces Soldier Ibad was screened at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology”, “Azerbaijan Institute of Theology held an event on the Khojaly genocide in Istanbul, Turkey”, “Palestinian Ambassador AIT”, “Rector shared his recommendations with students attending professional practice”, “Students visit the Institute of Manuscripts”, “International relations are expanding”, “Meeting with Ukrainian journalist”, Journal of Religious Studies was included in the list of academic publications”, “Azerbaijan Institute of Theology is recognized by the Council of Higher Education”, “Karabakh, Heritage from our Ancestors was screened at AIT”, “Meeting with university applicants”, “Winter School at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, “AIT celebrates its second anniversary”, “Meeting on the results of the fall semester”, “International cooperation starts”, “Members of the SYO visited the Memorial Ana Harayi”, The Education Fair of Azerbaijani Universities - 2020 ”, “Students visit the National Library named after Mirza Fatali Akhundov”, “Until the Last Breath”, “The next meeting at AIT”, “Bioethics and Religion”, “Rector meets with students attending English language courses” and others.

Various pages of the newspaper present the articles such as “Volunteer activity at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology”, “Globalized world and modern education”, “Jafar Ibn Mahammad”, “Noah’s flood or the storm inside us” and others written by AIT staff.

The next pages introduce the articles “Islamophobia is the way of thinking for the ignorant” and “We are taught to teach”.

The primary goal of the newspaper is to inform public about the Institute activities, implemented projects, increase students’ patriotic feelings, their intellectual level and contribute to the religious awareness in the country.

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