AIT holds a seminar on Bioethics and Religion with the participation of CMO Deputy Chair Gamar Javadli

27 February, 2020

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology held a seminar on Bioethics and Religion with the participation of Gamar Javadli, Deputy Chair of the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO).

Welcoming the participants, AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov shared his thoughts on the topic. He noted that Gamar Javadli’s Islam and Bioethics has particular sigificance. Developed through extensive research, the work examines the religious attitude to bioethics from the historical, philosophical and social aspects. J.Mammadov further emphasized that such events are of particular importance in terms of educating the youth.

Gamar Javadli, Deputy Chair of the CMO, delivered a speech on Bioethics and Religion. She said that in modern societies, interest in bioethics is an indication of global public interest to experiment new technologies and medical resources on human beings. Stressing that bioethics constitutes a new starting point for philosophical thought, G.Javadli noted that its development is associated with the transformation of traditional and medical ethics.

The Deputy Chair said that interest in bioethics raised several problems requiring serious legal and moral regulation. At the same time, it involves religious outlook and national-moral mentality and different views of religions on the issue.

G.Javadli also addressed the problems of creating a balance between science and religion in a globalized world, preserving religious mentality and morality in the context of medical and biological achievements.

The seminar continued with discussions around the topic.

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