AIT organizes a webinar on Philosophy of Fasting for students

22 May, 2020

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) organized a webinar on Philosophy of Fasting for students.

Ahmad Niyazov, Head of the AIT Department of Islamic Studies, and Vugar Samadov, Instructor of the AIT Department of Islamic Studies delivered speeches in the webinar.
Ahmad Niyazov reviewed the issues of Ramadan and presented a detailed overview around the students’ questions. He characterized the month as an opportunity for people to achieve social justice. He stressed that like other rituals fasting also has its external and internal aspects. A. Niyazov explained the issues concerning the appearance of the crescent in Ramadan, in what cases and how believers fast during a pandemic, the rules for individual performance of Ramadan rituals when worship in mosques is not allowed, Fidya (ransom) Kaffarah (expiation), Al-Qadā (payback) and Zakat al-fitr.

Vugar Samadov noted that fasting existed in all heavenly religions even before Islam. Emphasizing that Ramadan is a month of solidarity, friendship, brotherhood, love, mercy and prosperity, V.Samadov noted that this month calls on people to unite for good intentions and kindness. He stressed the significance of Ramadan in the consolidation of ties between individuals.

The webinar continued with discussions and responses to questions.

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