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The primary goal of the Journal of Religious Studies is to introduce the articles of local and international religious scholars and researchers to the academic community. The editorial board consists of local as well as international academics from different countries such as Turkey, Russia, Iran and Switzerland. The publication rules of the journal have been prepared in conformity with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for academic journals as well as international standards in this field.

Publication rules

1. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the publication rules of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) and Azerbaijan Institute of Theology.
2. Articles submitted for publication should be a new research that are previously unpublished.
3. Author’s name, affiliation and e-mail address should follow the title of the article.
4. The summary and keywords should be written beneath the author’s name at least in three languages (including the language of the article).
5. The text of the article should be in A4 paper size, Times New Roman, 12 pt font size, with single space. The left margin should be 3 cm and right margin 1 cm. Articles should be written in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic (electronic forms on CD). The article and the review by an academic expert should be submitted in person by the author to the editorial office (Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, Azerbaijan, Baku, AZ1217, Ahmad Jamil 41A). The author should write the submission date and sign the paper before submission.
6. Articles should be sent to
7. Citations should be given in brackets indicating author’s surname, publication date and pages, e.g. (Bünyadov 2007, 17-21).
If an author has two or more works published in the same year, the citations will be given as follows: (Bunyadov 2007 (1), 31-36) or (Bunyadov 2007 (2), 42-55). Authors should note 1/2 in brackets after the the surname, name and year of publication in reference list, e.g. (Bunyadov Ziya (2007/1), 31-36) or Bunyadov Ziya (2007/2) 42-55).
8. Reference list should be arranged in accordance with Higher Attestaion Comission requirements: Author's surname and name; publication year; book; article; full name of the symposium or other events (name and surname of the translator); publishing house; publisher's name should be indicated. Reference list should be written at the end of the article.
9. Summaries should be written in two foreign languages (English, Russian, etc.) different from the language of the article. Articles should be 6-15 pages. The word count for summaries is 150-250.
10. Summaries written in different languages should be the same as the original and should coincide with the content of the article. They should highlight the findings, novelty and importance of the article. The title of the article and the name of the author should be clearly stated in summary. Summary and keywords should be written at the end of the article. Summaries in different languages and keywords are written at the end of the article.
11. Articles should include introductions and conclusions.
12. Authors are responsible for the quality, authenticity and other issues concerning articles.
13. UOT and PACS indices should be included.


Contact person: Gulnar Guluzade;

Phone: (070) 272 49 72; (012) 510 65 45 (extension 156).
Deadline for submission: April 30, 2019

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